Alberta Wins Afternoon Bout Against Manitoba

Aug. 14, 2018

CALGARY, Alberta - The final game of the afternoon featured a one-sided affair between Alberta and Manitoba. Alberta entered the day 2-1, looking for their third straight win after an opening night loss to Ontario, while Manitoba continued to try and find some measure of consistency along with their first win of the tournament. Early on, a large allotment of possessions saw Alberta play the majority of the period on offense, while their defense allowed very few shots, as the Manitoba offense struggled to produce scoring opportunities. Alberta would exit the first twenty minutes with a modest but strong 3-0 lead.

Frustration for the Manitoba team set in quickly during the second period, exemplified by a five-minute high-sticking penalty lead to two consecutive and quick Alberta man-up goals. Followed by a series of even strength goals that extended their lead by seven. The third period imitated the first two, the Alberta offense continued to score and their defense continued to stifle any sort of attempted scoring opportunities from Manitoba, with the exception of a Manitoba goal on a four-minute extra-man opportunity. Alberta would win the contest 11-2 and improve their record to 3-1 while keeping Manitoba winless in the tournament.

This was Alberta’s only game of the day, as they will prepare to play British Columbia at 1:30 pm MST on Wednesday, while Manitoba will see Nova Scotia later this afternoon at 4:30 pm MST.



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