2017 ALA Women's U19 Head Coach Announcement

Womens Field U19 Invitational Championship 2017 Annoucment

The Alberta Lacrosse Association is very pleased to announce the tryout times and location
for the U19 Women’s Field Team.

Sarah Oor was named the head coach and will lead the squad to Halifax.

Saturday May 13th
11:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 3pm

Saturday May 27th
2:00pm to 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 6pm

Lacombe Athletic Park
5644 56 Ave, Lacombe, AB T4L 1N6

REGISTRATION will close Friday May 12th at noon

The event will be coordinated with the Female Box Nationals to allow for maximum
participation of all athletes.

The events will take place from July 22-24, 2017

Travel days will be July 21st and late July 24th

Players can register here

Registration is open to ALA Women’s Field players born 1998-2003

The registration fee is $75.00

The cost to participate on the U19 team to Nova Scotia will be $1000. All players will be
required to book their own flights. Accommodation and meals will be provided at the

For further information please contact Lisa Grant at the ALA office lisa@albertalacrosse.com

Dane Dobbie

VP of Technical Development

Women's Field Lacrosse

Women's Field Lacrosse is a quick, free-flowing game which is easy to understand and watch. The game is played on a 100m x 55m field with 12 players aside on the field. The full roster of a Women's Field team is 16-20 players.

Unlike Men's Field or Box Lacrosse, Women's Field is a non-contact sport. There is no aggressive checking with either the stick or the body. This results in a game which has added emphasis on a fast-paced, polished game centred on ball movement

10 Reasons to Play Women's Field Lacrosse

1. You will improve as a player - If you want to improve as a player, field lacrosse is like going to lacrosse camp all summer long. Field lacrosse teaches advanced stick skills (use of opposite hand, new cradling skills), individual offense (e.g., one-on-one moves, shooting tips), conditioning and strength-building, and provides an increased sense of team strategy. These are skills that will improve your overall lacrosse game.

2. Low cost - The cost of registration is modest. Plus you don't have to worry about getting extra equipment. If you are playing Women's field lacrosse, the equipment is minimal.

3. A chance to play all summer -  Field Lacrosse season starts in early July and lasts until the end of August . That adds an extra months to your lacrosse season.

4. Chance to play with other lacrosse players - Field Lacrosse provides an opportunity for players from different areas of the region to play together.  There also is the opportunity to play other region’s teams on field lacrosse 'festival' days.

5. Competition at all levels - Field Lacrosse provides competition at all levels (depending on region): Mini Tyke, Tyke, Novice, PeeWee, Bantam, Midget, U19 (17-19) and Senior (20 and older).

6. Another chance to play in provincials 

7. Nets are bigger - Field lacrosse encourages high scoring games with the use of 6 ft-by-6 ft nets and lots of fast-paced action.

8. Builds fitness - Field lacrosse is played on soccer-sized field and builds extra conditioning and fitness.

9. Other opportunities - Field lacrosse is the only lacrosse opportunity that provides athletic scholarship opportunities in the United States. Field lacrosse is also played at the collegiate level in Ontario and B.C.

10. It's fun!! - Field Lacrosse emphasizes learning new lacrosse skills and having fun!

Calgary Field Registration Flyer

Thank you for your support

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