Team Alberta

The ALA is excited to share information on the 2023 Team Alberta program. For 2023 we will be sending teams to the following Nationals Championships:

  • First Nations Cup- U17 Men’s Field Lacrosse
  • Jenny Kyle Cup- U19 Women’s Field Lacrosse
  • Tackaberry Trophy and Dorothy Robertson Trophy- U17 Male and Female Box Lacrosse
  • Junior Women's Box Lacrosse

The decision to send teams to these championships was made by the Board of Directors, taking into consideration our participation in U15 box lacrosse at the Alberta Summer Games.

Starting for the 2023 national championships, the Team Alberta program will aim to follow the following format and timeline:

November-December 2022

  • Hire Head Coaches for each team. Head Coach selection will be made by the ALA Technical Team and a hiring committee.
  • Post Assistant Coach positions.

January 2023- We are currently at this stage

  • Hire Assistant Coaches for each team. Assistant Coach selection will be made by the Head Coach of the team with input from the ALA Technical Team and selection committee.
  • Determine program dates. Dates will be determined by the team coaches and ALA.

February-March 2023

  • Identification Camps. An identification camp will be held in each LGB.

April-May 2023

  • Tryouts and Team Selections. Tryouts will be held regionally in larger centers. Teams will be selected by the team coaches and a selection committee.
  • Hire team Managers. Team Manager selection will be made by the team coaches and ALA staff.

June-July 2023

  • Training Camps
  • Exhibition Games

August-September 2023

  • Nationals

The change in processes and formats have been made to create a wider reaching, more transparent program. We hope this will lead to an improved experience for all participants and increased athlete development across the province. 


For more information on the updated Team Alberta program and what to expect, checkout our Team Alberta Guide.