Team Alberta

Program Overview

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The Team Alberta program is guided by a Team Alberta Committee whose role is to design and assist with implementing the program for the ALA. It will be made up of:

  • ALA Director of High Performance
  • ALA Director of Development
  • ALA Director of Administration
  • President, RMLL
  • President, AFLA
  • President - Large LGB
  • President - Small LGB
  • ALA Staff (ex-officios)

2024 Nationals

In continuing to support the recommendations of the Lacrosse Canada (LC) Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan, Alberta will be sending the following teams to Minor Nationals in 2024:

2024 Prairie Cup

As one of the founding provinces and further supporting the LC LTAD plan, we will also send the following teams to the Prairie Cup Championship, a new regional championship starting in 2024:

Northern Alberta Southern Alberta
U13 Male U13 Male
U13 Female U13 Female
U15 Male U15 Male
U15 Female U15 Female

2024 Team Alberta U17 Female Box
2024 Team Alberta U17 Male Box

As well as two U15 women’s field teams to the U15 Festival held in conjunction with the Jenny Kyle Cup.


Team Alberta has a proud history of amazing achievements and performances across many different divisions, including podiums at National tournaments in Box and Field Lacrosse, Men's and Women's programs. The Team Alberta program provides athletes from all over Alberta with a unique and high-end lacrosse development experience spearheaded by some of Alberta's best coaches.

Each of our teams will consist of Alberta lacrosse athletes selected through a process as determined by the Team Alberta Committee.

Questions? Please contact Tammy Machado, Team Alberta Coordinator for more information.

Eligibility Criteria

Please note that athletes trying out for the Team Alberta program must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Member in good standing with the ALA.
  • Be registered with an ALA Club of the same sector as the Team Alberta program for which you wish to participate in that same season.

Policies and Procedures

Refund Policy

  • Withdrawal during A try-out: A tryout fee 100% non-refundable.
  • Withdrawal due to injury: will be prorated based on date of withdrawal Credit card refunds are completed within 72 hours; from the date the Team Alberta Coordinator receives the withdrawal notice.

Tryout Injury Policy

If an athlete is injured before the Regional Tryouts/Invitational Selection Camp and cannot participate but wishes to still be considered for evaluation, the athlete must communicate those wishes, in writing, to the Head Coach of the team, the Team Alberta Coordinator, and the Director of High Performance. To be considered, the athlete must pay the Regional Tryouts fee ($75) and Invitational Selection Camp Fee ($75) and attend both camps to remain eligible.

Tryout Policy For Absent Players For Reason Other Than Injury

Team Alberta Lacrosse is committed to a fair and transparent player evaluation and selection process. To accurately and fairly evaluate all participating players, it is expected that, barring exceptional circumstances, players who are fit to play, will attend at least one Regional Tryouts scheduled for their division.

In cases where a player is unable to attend any of Team Alberta’s Regional Tryouts owing to an “exceptional circumstance”, the player and/or their parent or guardian may make a formal request for alternative evaluation. Examples of exceptional circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic-related absences where the player is attending school outside of Alberta or has a bona fide academic/school-related commitment that conflicts with Team Alberta’s scheduled tryouts,
  • Sport-related absences where the player is participating in high-performance competition (e.g. provincial, national, or international championship level) in lacrosse or another sport,
  • Domestic-related absences where the player’s family situation precludes their attendance at a scheduled tryout (e.g. death in the immediate family, or critical family illness)

For a case to be considered for alternative evaluation, the player must:

  • Be registered with an ALA-sanctioned lacrosse club in the discipline of lacrosse (box or field) for which they wish to tryout,
  • Have registered to try out for Team Alberta and paid the Regional Tryout fee ($75) and Invitational Selection Camp Fee ($75),
  • Submit a formal written request to both the Team Alberta Coordinator and the Director of High Performance requesting an alternative evaluation. The written request must provide detailed information about the exceptional circumstance that warrants consideration, and
  • Present verifiable evidence in support of their request.

The Director of High Performance, the Team Alberta Coordinator, and the Team Alberta Head Coach will review requests for alternative evaluation on a case-by-case basis. Should a request for alternative evaluation be approved, the player’s skills and abilities will be assessed through a variety of means including,

  • Game film submissions,
  • References and/or interviews with current and past coaches,
  • A review of player statistical data (e.g. goals, assists, shots, draw controls, ground ball pickups, caused turnovers, etc.), and
  • Recent evaluation reports from the player’s home lacrosse club.

A player who undergoes an approved alternative evaluation may only be added to a Team Alberta team if the following conditions are met:

  1. There is evidence that the player demonstrates the caliber to play at the level necessary to contribute to Team Alberta ;
  2. There is space available on a team’s roster and no players who have previously been placed on a team will be displaced;
  3. There is unanimous agreement on the part of the Director of High Performance, the Team Alberta Coordinator, and the Team Alberta Head Coach of the player’s placement on the team.

Multiple Team Tryout Policy

Players will be permitted to try out for Team Alberta in both box lacrosse and field lacrosse in 2024. Please note that as Team Alberta is a parent-funded, cost-recovery program, it is not possible to reduce the team fees for players who opt to play in both disciplines for Team Alberta. Players wishing to play both box and field must pay the prescribed fees for each team. 

Questions? Please contact Tammy Machado, Team Alberta Coordinator for more information.