Technical Team - Teed Up Webinars


The Technical Team is excited to present a new opportunity for professional development for ALA members. “Teed Up” is a virtual series geared towards coaches, managers, and parents in the ALA. It will feature four webinars on different topics of interest. All topics will offer fundamental, technical, and tactical knowledge as well as an interactive Q&A period for participants. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to and/or the ALA YouTube.


  1. Engage with our membership in a meaningful way that helps impact the game of lacrosse.
  2. Provide a platform for coaches and members to interact with technical resources.
  3. Contribute to a positive lacrosse experience for all participants in the ALA.


Offence May 6  8:00PM Technical Specialist Richard Lachlan of the Sr Miners Lacrosse Club and former Offensive Coordinator for the Jr A Miners Lacrosse Club will present on all things offence. Richard will focus on the fundamental, technical, and tactical skills that players need to possess as they move through minor lacrosse and into major.
Defence May 8  8:00PM Special guest John Lintz of the Panther City Lacrosse Club, Sr Miners Lacrosse Club, and Head Coach of the Jr A Miners Lacrosse Club will present on all things defence. John will focus on the fundamental building blocks to making players great defenders, as well as team defence tactics.
Referee Rules and Relations Townhall May 13 8:00PM Special guest Kevin Kohut—ALRA President and Senior Official, will present on effective communications with officials, how to build rapport with officials in-game, rules emphasis and common misconceptions, as well as offer insights into officials' goals in-game.
Stick Stringing May 27  8:00PM Technical Director Jason Crook will present the basics of stick stringing and walk through stringing an entire head from start to finish. Jason will also demonstrate how to fix common errors and how to make quick fixes in-game.


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