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Box Lacrosse Rules
Women's Field Lacrosse Rules  2018 LTAD Box Lacrosse Rules for Mini-Tyke, Tyke, and Novice


Athlete Development

The Canadian Lacrosse Association has produced the Long-Term Athlete Development Model to promote the development and continued success of the sports of Box Lacrosse, Men's Field Lacrosse and Women's Field Lacrosse in Canada. The aim is to create an optimal player development pathway for lacrosse athletes for years to come. These documents outline the basic factors behind the LTAD and apply those factors to clearly define the stages of player development for lacrosse. 

Honour Our Game

Honouring Our Game

Health and Safety

Player safety encompasses everything from head injuries to hydration. Organizational leaders play a significant role in creating a physical and philosophical environment that minimizes the risk of player injuries as much as is realistic. Concussions have garnered many of the sports medicine-related headlines in recent years, but they represent just one type of injury a player can incur while participating.


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