Meet our Annual Meeting Guest Speakers

Oct. 19, 2023

This year the ALA is excited to welcome four dynamic guest speakers to our Annual Meeting. Learn more about them below. 


Paul Meunier

Paul is a born and raised Calgarian and dedicated to working in communities. He’s been involved in grassroots organizing for twenty-two years, working in community centres and nonprofit spaces throughout the city.

Every community is a space jam-packed with vibrant, inspiring, and heartfelt stories, and Paul was very proud to work at the Federation for many years, hearing those stories brought to life by passionate leaders in our network. After leaving to pursue a PhD, he recently re-joined the Federation team once again to launch their education program.


Rob Kerr

Rob has succeeded in two related but separate fields as both an award-winning broadcaster and a cutting-edge sports marketer over nearly three decades.  As a sought-after voice and expert Rob has served his community as a member of several boards including as director for Sport Calgary and as a board member for Kidsport Calgary/Flames Sports Bank.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the sports media, there wasn’t much Rob hadn’t seen or done.  Rob’s mantra is that SPORTS is FUN and as a manager and sports marketer he was able to combine that with innovative community programming.  Having worked at the college, Junior, and professional levels he always pushed the boundaries to try and improve the experience for the fan, but also to make sure the client and community got the most out of their investment and work.  While with the Calgary Hitmen Rob, and his staff, worked alongside Siksika Health to reinvent a community-based game-day experience in hockey with Every Child Matters.  This program went well beyond your typical community-based hockey game as the two groups entered a first-of-its-kind Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively to promote sport and recreation to indigenous youth.  He also worked closely with Hockey Calgary to create a one-day Leadership conference for players that stressed the important soft skills that sport teaches like teamwork, respect, and leadership.

Rob’s proudest achievement was being a day one volunteer for the HEROS Hockey SuperHEROS pilot program in Calgary.  A long-time friend of HEROS it was really through the creation of the SuperHEROS hockey program that he really found his niche working with the players, families, and volunteers on a truly inclusive hockey platform.

Rob has been the leader in moving traditional sports teams and sponsors' involvement in community programs in a new and more impactful direction.  It’s not enough to talk about these opportunities he has also been on the front lines rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty at the same time.  What makes him unique is his expertise to then telling and sharing stories.


Eric Mathieu

Eric Mathieu is the Director of PLL Assists at the Premier Lacrosse League. He is an avid lacrosse enthusiast who has played and coached since he was 12 years old. Eric earned a B.A. in Sociology from Bates College, as well as a M.Ed. from the University of Hawaii, and a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law. Eric joined the Premier Lacrosse League the fall of 2020 and assumed his current role in the summer of 2022. 

As the Director of PLL Assists, Eric is responsible for spearheading the league's charitable and impact-focused work. Under his leadership, the Premier Lacrosse League endeavors to dismantle barriers to entry and increasing access to the sport of lacrosse while paying homage to its creators. Additionally, he and his team work with non-profits in North America and aboard to support efforts to fight cancer and other illnesses, promote environmental sustainability, and to engage with communities with a goal of diversifying this great game.

In addition to his time with the Premier Lacrosse League, Eric has served in DEI and Legal roles with the National Football League, Lawline, and multiple independent schools. 


Stacey Running Rabbit

Stacey Running Rabbit resides on Siksika Nation and has been teaching for over twenty years in both the Provincial and Federal school systems. She is currently the lead teacher at the Siksika Outreach School in its Aaksistowaapssiiks Program.

As well as being a teacher, Stacey is a strong advocate for Indigenous youth and Indigenous youth with disabilities, while working to address the systemic barriers these individuals encounter.

As a mother to seven children she has been involved with lacrosse for about 10 years, with players currently in minor lacrosse and the Alberta Major Female league.