Roughnecks Lacrosse Literacy An Alberta Lacrosse Association Program




The Alberta Lacrosse Association is proud to announce its partnership with the Calgary Roughnecks to present the “Roughnecks Lacrosse Literacy.”


“This partnership with ALA gives us an opportunity to continue our impact in and around Calgary, but also allows us to grow provincially as well” said Dustin Edwards, Calgary Roughnecks Business Operations Manager. “We are unique in the fact that we are Alberta’s professional lacrosse team, and the work ALA does around the province will allow for growth of the sport at the grassroots level and introduce the Roughnecks brand to new fans. Growing the sport and getting sticks into kids’ hands is truly what this new partnership is about, and we feel this is a great program to achieve that.”


The Roughnecks will provide support in a number of avenues to help make the youth based program a continued success. Notably, each student will receive a voucher for tickets to attend a roughnecks game in the 2024-2025 regular season.

The Alberta Lacrosse Association looks forward to this partnership and appreciates the support of our province-wide school lacrosse program, which aims to increase participation in and awareness of lacrosse across the province.

Roughnecks Lacrosse Literacy

Roughnecks Lacrosse Literacy is the Alberta Lacrosse Association's province-wide, school-based program.

Program Overview

  • Learn the fundamentals of lacrosse.
  • Learn the history of the sport and its importance in Indigenous culture.
  • Reinforce physical literacy components.
  • Most of all, have fun!

Our school-based program offering:

  • Certified instructors who have experience coaching children and youth.
  • Educational aspects centered around the Indigenous roots of lacrosse, “The Medicine Game,” geography, and history.
  • Physical literacy covers A, B, and C (agility, balance, and coordination).
  • Fundamental movement skills correspond to the stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development plan in various environments.
  • Discovery of movements for dodging, shooting, passing, catching, and ground ball mechanics.
  • Development of enhanced hand-eye coordination.
  • Team-oriented situations that encourage cooperation by interacting positively with others, fair play, and leadership.

We provide:

  • Instructor-led classes.
  • Progressive lessons Plans.
  • Flexible scheduling. 
  • All equipment, including lacrosse sticks and soft foam training balls.
  • Programming for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Safety Considerations:

Safety is our first priority, with fun coming a close second! Keeping student safety in mind we:

  • Use soft foam training balls.
  • Play without contact.
  • Use only certified instructors.
  • Sanctioned.

Booking info: 

  • Minimum half-day booking required.
  • Single classes up to 30 students. Additional charges may apply for class sizes larger than 30.
  • Half-day is $350, full-day is $500.
  • Mileage charges may apply, depending on the location of the school.

To request a school booking please complete our brief booking form.

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