Meeting Details

Please consider this your 30 days notice for the ALA AGM to be held virtually on Zoom November 14th, 2021 start time of 9:00 AM. As a Board of Directors, we are pleased to have had a successful return-to-play season under some agile alternate play scenarios however it is still prudent from both a cost-stewardship perspective, and as an ongoing COVID mitigation step, to hold the 2021 AGM in a virtual format once again (same as 2020).

Zoom Link: 
Passcode: 974017

Bylaw Changes

There are no recommended bylaw changes for the 2021 AGM.

Budget Information

Please see the budget document above. There are no fee changes for 2022.


The following executive positions are up for election:

  • President—one (1) year term due to vacancy
  • Director of Administration—two (2) year term
  • Director of Marketing and Communication—two (2) year term
  • Director of Development—two (2) year term
  • Director of High Performance

Please forward any names and resumes of interested parties to be included in the AGM package Information.

AGM Bylaw Information

ALA Bylaw 1.05 Definitions

42) “Voting Member” means any amateur lacrosse team within the boundaries of the ALA represented by its' registered Head Coach as per the ALA registration system.


A majority (51%) of the Members in good standing and present in person or via Proxy vote shall form a quorum at the Annual Meeting or Special Meeting.  In the event that a majority of the Members are not present within one (1) hour of the hour given in the Notice of the said meeting, the chairperson of the meeting shall adjourn the meeting to date and time not less than twenty-one (21) days from the date of the original meeting. The Director of Administration via the ALA Office shall give seven (7) days written notice to the Members of the date and place to which the meeting has been adjourned.  A quorum for the adjourned meeting shall be one less than a majority.

ALA BoD Motion: The 2021 AGM voting will be the same as 2019 and 2020.  Votes are held by Club President. Proxies are not required.

ALL Members must be in Good Standing

Bylaw 1.05 - Definition (27) Member in Good Standing” shall mean a Member who is not in arrears in any payments owing to the ALA or the CLA or whose rights have not been suspended